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Prior to signing, all of our potential clients receive a social media audit. Each Audit assesses both strengths and weaknesses of our potential clients' social media accounts across many different platforms, along with tips pertaining to how they can optimize their online presence. 

Each client receives a "game plan" outlining the work and services our team will cover. We at D.B. Marketing Group take pride in involving our clients through every step of the decision-making process.




D.B. Marketing Group can help you with Verification, Increasing Followers, & Increasing Engagement on Instagram. We know how to use Instagram within its algorithms, to give you the best results possible. With our large network on Instagram we also make collaborations & sponsorships easy.





Followers are crucial for Engagement, development and gaining Customers. We work through our expertise in Twitter to give you the best results possible achieving those goals.






Services such as unparalleled videography and YouTube expertise is what we offer to create your YouTube channel & create viral content.




Linked-In is a very important business tool that all business personelle & businesses need. However, it's not always the easiest to master. We will help you establish an effective online presence on Linked-in giving you a variety of opportunities to grow & connect with other professionals.

Facebook Advertising

Designed to precisely target consumers that are interested in your products & services with the same algorithm used by Instagram. (also used on Facebook with more detail)


Our networking abilities have built connections with contacts in the world of press, creating relationships that allow our clients to be featured on some of the worlds most elite verified publications. With our help your business or your personal name can be featured in publications like Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Harper's Bazaar, Mens Health, Cosmopolitan & GQ to name a few. We also have the network to expose you or your business to TV interviews like ET Now. 


SEO performance is an essential tool in any business or influencers marketing efforts. We offer search engine optimization tools for maximum viewership of your websites through our advanced knowledge working with Google services.


D.B. Marketing Group offers supreme photography & videography services. Our experienced photographers, and videographers are experts in many areas including, Commercials, product shots, executive portraits, event photo & video.


We can create logos, business cards, banners, letterheads, brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, product packaging, t-shirt designs, illustrations & much more for your business.


Our goal is to help you mold your brand- imaging to be the most effective & help you obtain maximum success with the target group you have selected. In the event that a client needs to recreate or simply improve their brand-image, D.B. Marketing Group specializes in creating & maintaining a unique brand story for each of our clients, setting them apart.


 Custom web design solutions consists of one of our services, providing our clients with optimal website performance & a unique branding of their business.


In the event that your company or brand encounters an imaging crisis, due to bad publicity or poor public relations, D.B. Marketing group can help restore your companies' image and its' relationship with its clients both current & prospective.

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