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Our Client Portfolio

These are some of our very well respected clients that we have catered to over our years in the business. We care for our clients needs to give them the best possible outcomes for their businesses; helping them towards their goals. Big or small we are here to help your business reach even greater heights.

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 Whole Foods Market is of many of our clients. We assisted the corporation in launching stores & marketing campaigns throughout the company

Pete Souza invited D.B. Marketing Group to assist the Obama administration with social media consultations to improve their interface structure

D.B. Marketing Group has worked with The NBA, NBA Teams, and players as well with marketing needs ranging from photoshoots to social media consultations


Media Production and Consultations are services D.B. Marketing Group has provided Justin Bieber with

D.B. Marketing Group has helped Bentley with party releases for their new car lines, through social media, and other avenues of marketing

Photo & video at private events is of the services D.B. Marketing Group has helped ABC7 with


D.B. Marketing Group has worked alongside Showtime for various boxing events, including the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight in Las Vegas

The United Nations has been provided services by D.B. Marketing Group to help them organize, setup & execute meetings with national leaders across various countries in the capital

D.B. Marketing Group has worked with 432 Park Ave, one of the tallest luxury residential skyscrapers in the world

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