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We Assist Our Clients Manage Their
Social Media & Press Relations

... With Breakthrough Concepts

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Understand & analyze your internal goals

Create an intensive social media audit for your social platforms

Analyze the audit & create a new strategy plan to reach your goals; giving you simple tips to get there

Create a social media plan including goals, post quotas & benchmarks to hit in 6 months + 1 year. 

Run the social media plan, analayze the performance and adjust as necessary 

Understand & analyze your internal goals.

Analyze your brand history.

Create a custom tailored P.R. plan for you to reach your goals.

Create a press release

Send the press release our internal contacts all our major publications, podcasts & connections

Repeat the process for future press runs.


Years of Experience 

Press Contacts

Dedicated to You 

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Preliminary social media management or press relations consultation

D.B. Marketing Group will create a pricing deck for you with all relevant information

Pricing is structured into a monthly recuring payments with two types of contracts. A month to month and a yearly contracts (with a discounted rate)  

We will create a plan for you after we understand your mission & goals. This can include post quotas for the month for social media management & pitches per month for press relations.

We manage your account(s) or press with our top professionals. Allowing you to focus on the work you love.


You're Always Welcome to Book a Call with Our Team

In this call we'll discuss strategy, tailor made solutions, and elaborate on the solutions for your business.

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Shan Ahmed, Director of Publications at the Political Science Department of The University of Toronto 

D.B. Marketing Group helped me land my first T.V. Appearances on some of Torontos top news channels like CP24, CTV News, City News, and CBC Radio. They were a pleasure to work with & made the entire process seamless & helped me achieve something I never thought I was capable of!

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Daniel Triana, CMO at Argentum Data Solutions

They really hit the nail on the head with marketing & they did an excellent job working with us. Can't wait to do P.R. next!


Abdul Jeelani, Retired NBA Player

D.B. Marketing Group & Daniel helped me when I needed it & was always by my side. He created a full plan for me, walked me through it & his execution was flawless. Thank you Daniel!

- 2016

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Let's Talk

Book a Discovery Consultation

Join D.B. Marketing Group for a discovery call to unveil the potential of your brand, whether you're an influencer, celebrity, or business. This initial conversation aims to understand your brand's story and how our Social Media Management, Public Relations, and Consultation services can help.

In our call, we will:

Understand Your Brand: Learn about your vision, audience, and challenges to identify growth opportunities.

Social Media and PR Insights: Discuss your current strategies, offering initial insights and potential areas for enhancement.

Service Overview: Briefly introduce how our tailored services can meet your brand’s unique needs.

Collaboration Opportunities: Explore how we can align our services with your brand’s objectives.


Future Consultations: If interested, discuss next steps for in-depth, paid monthly marketing solutions for continuous support.

Schedule a time for our call and begin your journey towards brand growth and successful partnership.

This Meeting is Particularly for:

Businesses or brands looking monthly social media or PR strategies.

Businesses or brands who want to learn more about what we can do for you.

Businesses or brands looking to optimize their social marketing efforts in conjunction with the leading agency in the industry.

Businesses or brands looking for a company to take them from mediocre to superior within Social Media and PR.

Businesses or brands looking for company that has no higher priority than the clients it serves.

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